The roof access solution for a flat roof

Roof hatches can be utilized as get away from hatches, however in most situations, they offer a convenient usage of roof structure terraces, cooling installations, lift up machine rooms, windowpane cleaning installations, solar power panels, and other facilities on rooftops. Roof hatches can be installed on chiseled roofs with a maximum pitch of 30°.

The ETA for Gorter roof covering hatches is granted by the Dutch “Technical Examination Body”, the SKG-IKOB. The ETA is valid in every 28 Western member state governments and the says of the Western european Economic Area, as well as Switzerland and Turkey.

Maximum protection – TÜV NORD plus more
All roof covering hatches and combinations are protection analyzed to the most strict EN benchmarks and are oftentimes given a TÜV NORD license, Aboma safety tag and KOMO® qualification.

Among the protection features is the hands rail in a yellowish finish attribute of Gorter, which gives a secure grasp when accessing or exiting the roof covering. Another security feature is the computerized locking in the wild position making certain the roofing hatch cannot slam down shut unexpectedly. Furthermore, the Gorter retractable and removable stairways/ladders including the scissor steps and ladder can be locked easily when used.

Certified roof covering hatch offers maximum safety
Totally thermally insulated construction
Gorter roofing hatch helps prevent condensation formation
Gorter roof structure hatches will be the only ones in the roof covering hatch category with a successful high insulating value. EuroSolid looked into the thermal performance corresponding to EN ISO 10077-2 which is officially proclaiming that Gorter RHT roof covering hatches produce an insulating value of Uw ≤ 0,319 W/(m².K)

The nice insulating properties are obtained by merging a distinctive design with the right materials. The roof covering hatch includes a trademarked (Patent no. 2519072) totally thermally insulated structure and a two times closing between cover and curb. The special design makes certain that during severe winter conditions, or if found in very cold parts, no icing or condensation will appear within the roof covering hatch.

Economical and 10-calendar year warranty
Gorter roof covering hatches are incredibly economical … with Gorter you get even more. The hatch has a distinctive copyrighted, thermally insulated development which not only provides you an improved interior environment but also will save you on energy costs. Gorter also offers you more in conditions of security. The roof covering hatches are authorized by TÜV NORD, KOMO® and Aboma, which means you can continually be assured that roof covering gain access to is safe. Furthermore, installation is easy and inexpensive as the complete composition is preassembled and light-weight.

Additionally it is important to keep in mind that Gorter roof covering hatches – as proof quality – are given a 10-12 months warranty. If you’d like quality at an attractive price, choose a Gorter roof top hatch.

flat roof access hatch with 10-calendar year warranty
Architectural benefits associated with Gorter roof covering hatches
rooftop hatch offers constructional benefits
aluminium roof top hatches are up to 3 x lighter than equivalent steel roof top hatches. The required changes to the roof structure structure are little due to limited pressure on the roof. The light RHT roof covering hatches are easy to lift up and can be installed on the top without much equipment.

When making a roof gain access to, a roof covering hatch offers a great deal of advantages in comparison to a rooftop composition. Indeed, with a roof hatch there’s always one floor less to generate. This can save you money on structure and future energy costs. The looks of the building will stay unaltered because of the low level of the roofing hatch. Partly as a result of this, you don’t have for a permit to set up a roof structure hatch.

With ladder or stairways, prepared to install
A complete solution for your roof covering access. Gorter roof covering hatches can be provided in combo with corresponding ladder, scissor steps or fixed stairways. No need that you can keep looking and unit installation is easy. With the product combination, Gorter saves your time and costs.

Besides fully matched up models, a Gorter blend offers even more benefits. The Gorter combinations are totally TÜV NORD, KOMO® and ABOMA qualified. Making use of the documents offered, it is straightforward to meet any requirements lay out in statutory safeness regulations, including the Risk Inventory and Analysis (RIE).

Possible options: roof hatch with ladder, rooftop hatch with scissor stairways, rooftop hatch with set stairs

Roof hatch with ladder of stair
One-hand procedure of roof top hatch
One-hand procedure of rooftop hatch
All manually handled roof covering hatches have helped starting with a counterbalance system and manipulated shutting. With this feature, the roof structure hatch can continually be opened and shut with one side and minimal work. Additionally it is possible to uncover the roof covering hatch with one submit order to close it.

Roof hatches with electric control
Operate the rooftop hatch at the drive of a button or with sensors. The Gorter electric control can be acquired as a choice on all standard Gorter RHT roof covering hatches. All translucent RHTG hoof hatches include a power control as standard.

When electrically controlled the roofing hatch is equipped with two powerful electric motors allowing the cover to start and close properly and sturdily whatever the current weather conditions. The electric roof covering hatch is controlled from a concise control -panel or optionally by using a wireless handy remote control. A web link to building services or sensors, such as rainwater sensors, are other options.

Electrical procedure of rooftop hatch
Professional materials and finish
Professional end of roof top hatch
The Gorter roof covering hatch engineering is strong, secure and durable. Because of this, the roof top hatches are well suited for use on the best complexes, even in areas with very extreme climate.

All standard roof covering hatches are constructed of high quality aluminium, which is anodized for added cover, and later also cared for with an 80 micron natural powder coating covering. The Gorter ladders and steps, including the scissor stairways, ladder and set steps, are also created from high quality corrosion repellent aluminium.

Fast delivery
roof structure hatches in standard sizes can be found from our stock. Since Gorter has its engineering department, development facilities and syndication centre, products in unique sizes or designs can be tailor made and supplied quickly and specifically.

Fast delivery of roof covering hatches
HR+++ glazed roofing hatches
Glazed roof covering hatches
RHTG roof structure hatches are equipped with a monolithic pane of safe practices goblet. This ensures maximum light transmission and ideal thermal insulation.

The goblet pane is also impact and burglary resistant. HR+++ insulating wine glass is utilized to help make the climate in the area below even nicer, which brings the insulating value of the cover to U ≤ 0,500 W/(m².K). The cup is self-cleaning because of the pitch of the roof covering hatch. All glazed roof covering hatches are equipped as standard with two powerful electric motors managed electrically.

Other variations and roofing hatch options
roof covering hatches can be found from our stock in a multitude of standard sizes. Gorter also makes rooftop hatches in special sizes, including large roof covering hatches equipped with a dual cover.