Importance of Architectural Competitions

architecture competition CGI is a perfect opportunity both for beginners and seasoned Designers to challenge their opponents not on the market, but on creative battlefield. This is a clash of ideas, in the end leading to progress. here are five more reasons to become listed on Architectural Design Competitions!

Architectural Competition – 5 Reasons to become listed on
#1 Exercise of Creativity
Do you feel like you are drowning in a pool of mundane tasks? That you are losing that Art School drive and your style is getting dull? This is a clear indication that you must flex your creative muscles! And Architectural Competitions offer a great opportunity to do that. Forget that your Design determines what is going to you have for dinner tomorrow or put in a few zeroes to your projected revenue – expand your consciousness and come up with something groundbreaking!

#2 Free Promotion
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An Architectural Competition is not merely about Design, and your colleagues are not only attendees and judges. There’s still commercial interest involved. Nevertheless, you don’t need to win to attract potential investors or clients – you need to be memorable and showcase your potential. With bait like this, you’ll get a lot more than just prize and pride. Make your very name an advertisement of its!

#3 Portfolio Additions
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Why ignore such a great possibility to fill your portfolio with something much better than consumer-based Interior or Exterior Design pieces? We’ll never know if you are the next Architectural Milestone creator, but it will surely set your projects in stone – and in your wallet!

#4 Making Contacts
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Sure, you’ll meet new clients at an Architectural Competition. However, it’s not merely about profit, remember? Wouldn’t it be exciting to finally confront your rivals face-to-face? It may give your rivalry extra spice, or possibly end it, forming fraternal relationships!

#5 Compete With the Best
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To be fair, a Competition is an incentive of its very own. Imagine yourself challenging the best Designers out there – how exciting is that?! Prove yourself as their equal or at least learn from the masters of the Craft. A winner or not, you’ll never go out of an Architectural Competition empty-handed, that’s for certain

Competitions offer opportunities for fresh architects that are not often available through other straightforward methods. They offer an equal level ground for students, young and experienced architects to come up with design solutions to a particular brief. Architects who would otherwise not have been considered in the usual way for an important commission, have an opportunity to prove their ability and talent. For the sponsors, this would mean possessing a variety of solutions to their problem/s and having the luxury to choose the most appropriate one. Young minds bring fresh perspectives while senior architects provide experienced solutions; the effect can even go to a collaboration between two teams!

Team Bonding

Apart from individual submissions, working in teams for competitions allows forming connections and enhancing collaborative skills. The design field requires us to cooperate with others in a form or the other in the real world, with consultants, project managers, etc. to help in the overall process. Finding out how to work with others helps us bounce off guidelines to sieve out crude concepts and develop them into working memorable designs. Building associations and networking are essential aids that can be used to the advantage in the world of architecture.

There are many features of entering architecture competitions, from simply exercising creativity, growing the portfolio, to gaining recognition. A chance to work on our skills, test out ideas, and have fun!